Organizer: Metro Americas

Metro Americas has been working with rail and metro operators closely since 2013

The day-to-day relationship the organization has with senior industry leaders enables the organization of the best industry conferences in Latin America.

We know the metro and railway operators, we understand their requirements and future projects, we support the work they do and in turn, they trust us to deliver industry meetings that work for them.

This partnership is key to the work we do and only by delivering value to the operators in the region can we deliver such excellent events.

Our news platform has over 12,000 members from the industry, and we have organized events across Latin America over the past decade in conjunction with Global Transport Forum and Infrastructure Conference Network.

We now have a dedicated team based in Medellin, Colombia solely dedicated to support Latin America’s transport industry and delivering high quality annual events, which are key to the work of the biggest organizations in the Americas.

  • Simon Edwards
    Simon Edwards CEO at Metro Americas

If you would like to join us for this or future events as an attendee, sponsor or speaker, then please contact me through the following details.

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